Artist of the Month will begin in June 2023, coinciding with the first issue of Photosynthesis Magazine. The arist of the month will be reached out to personally by staff upon consideration. Artists can be nominated by email to . If you would like to nominate an artist, please send us their name, why you are nominating them, and a portfolio and/or instagram handle. Please indicate in the subject line that it is a nomination.

Portfolios should showcase 75% or more collage art. Instagram accounts that are mainly selfies, photography, family photos, or non-collage mediums of artwork will be dismissed at this time. Portfolios with other types of artwork are accepted, so long as there is evidence that the artist is primarily a collage artist and the work is current. 

Chosen artists will be displayed perpetually unless the artist requests a removal. Photosynthesis Magazine reserves the right to remove any artist at their sole descretion.