There are typically 2-3 open calls available at any given time. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see all of the opportunities available. You are welcome to apply to multiple opportunities and can be accepted unlimited times.

By submitting you confirm that all of the artwork is your own and/or you have the rights to submit and publish the artwork under your name. Photosynthesis is not liable for any copyright infringement that arises due to a lack of artists ethically sourcing images for their works. Please do your due diligence when creating artwork. 

Photosynthesis Magazine is holding an open call for our sixth issue to be released in March 2023. The theme for our sixth issue will be "Harmony".

What is harmony to you? Is it visually harmonious colors? It is a harmony between shapes? Is it the calm after the storm? Perhaps harmony, for you, is something else entirely. Share with us your collages that exemplify harmony.

It is VERY important that you include at LEAST 4 sentences on how your work specifically relates to this call. Any general information about yourself (ie, "xyz has been collaging for 4 years and went to xyz college) will not count towards your 4 sentences. The way we compose the magazine makes this bit of text nearly as important as the artwork itself. No exceptions. 

Basic Requirements: 

Artist must fill out all information as requested including name, email, website and/or Instagram, at least one image, and a description of at least 4 sentences describing how the artwork relates to the prompt.

Artwork for Photosynthesis Magazine is a collage only publication, with some mixed media being accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

Photosynthesis reserves the right to decline any work that doesn't meet these requirements.


Please fill out the form to be considered. 

Submissions must go through this form to be valid, all other submission attempts via email, social media, or otherwise will be ignored.

Artist of the Month will began in June 2023, coinciding with the first issue of Photosynthesis Magazine. The arist of the month will be reached out to personally by staff upon consideration. You may not hear back if your work has not been chosen. This is a rolling submission form, meaning there is no deadline and artists will be reviewed once a month and either accepted or declined before the next wave of artists. It is of no cost to the artist and it includes free permanent recognition on both our Instagram and our website*. 

You are required to include an Instagram handle and portfolios should showcase 75% or more collage art. Instagram accounts that are mainly selfies, photography, family photos, or non-collage mediums of artwork will be dismissed at this time. Portfolios with other types of artwork are accepted, so long as there is evidence that the artist is primarily a collage artist at the time of submission. 

*Chosen artists will be displayed perpetually unless the artist requests a removal. Photosynthesis Magazine reserves the right to remove any artist at their sole discretion. 

Click here for the form to be considered. To nominate someone for consideration, email with an example of their artwork, their instagram handle, and why you think we should choose them.